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Motivated Seller Depot Training Program

Learn how to utilize your local court system to find all the motivated sellers and real estate deals you need!

Did you know that nine out of ten real estate investors fail miserably because they cannot find motivated sellers?

Here’s the problem you face. 
Everyone is spending thousands on mailings and online ads to get leads. They’re out putting up bandit signs and knocking on doors. They’re calling every FSBO and Craigslist Ad they see. They are out in droves, spending money like a drunk politician.

This means you’ll never find motivated sellers now if you keep doing things the way you have.

This course will teach you the tricks and tactics you need to know to load up on courthouse deals.

This is a live course via video, and all attendees will have lifetime replay and update privileges.

Course launch date will be announced soon. 

Sign up on the VIP list below to receive a discount on the course and notification of training date.