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Find More Motivated Sellers!

 People often ask me the best way to get started in real estate investing, and my answer is always the same. FIND A MOTIVATED SELLER. After you accomplish that, everything else falls into place. Yes, you will still have lots to learn, but learning how to find  motivated sellers and get their property under contract at a wholesale price is your ticket to success. 

Find more motivated sellers-steps to your investing career

Below are some articles and videos that I have published to help you find your way in real estate flipping and rehabbing. I hope that you find something useful.

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Tips to Find Motivated Home Sellers

Did you know that nine out of ten real estate investors fail miserably because they cannot find motivated sellers? Here’s the problem you face. Everyone is spending thousands on mailings and online ads to get leads. They’re out putting up bandit signs and knocking on doors. They’re calling every FSBO and Craigslist Ad they see. They

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Dealing with Real Estate Market Saturation

Dealing with Real Estate Market Saturation

How do you see real estate market saturation? I’ve gotten some feedback from some students of mine about being told, or feeling within themselves that the market’s too saturated for them to become a real estate wholesaler or an investor. I just want to share some thoughts with you on that. I live in a fairly

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