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How to Wholesale Real Estate

Now that you have found a motivated seller, and have their property under contract, what do you do? The next step to a successful real estate career is to wholesale some deals. This gets you experience shepherding a deal from start to finish, gets you some quick cash and early wins, and builds your database of contacts for your future deals.

wholesale more deals-steps to your investing career

I’ve included some articles and videos below to help you with your real estate wholesaling endeavors. I hope you find some value there.

joke-real-estate-agentWholesale More Deals

Should You Be An Agent To Wholesale

So, the question is, should you be a real estate agent? Well, if you’d asked me that back in 1990 or 1985 I’d have told you definitely you’ve got to be a real estate agent because you need to have access to the MLS to get your data. Nowadays that’s not quite the way it is. We’ve got Zillow and Realtor.com so all the data’s given to you. You don’t really have to be a realtor just to get access to information. The question then becomes a lot more complex as to whether you should be a real estate agent

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The Step by Step Guide to Wholesale Real Estate

Why should you have a step-by-step guide to wholesale real estate? To get your start in the quick money world of wholesaling real estate really isn’t that hard. There are a few steps you must learn and master if you really want to make it big. If you would like a longer and more thorough read on how to wholesale real estate, check out my book “10 Steps to Becoming a Real Estate Wholesaling Rock Star!”  It’s available for Kindle by clicking on the name, or get the PDF version by clicking “Free Book Download” on the homepage. OK, Sorry.

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The 7 Reasons New Wholesalers Fail

The 7 Reasons New Wholesalers Fail Wholesaling is arguably the best way to get started in real estate investing.It requires very little cash, no credit, and has very little risk.This is why most aspiring real estate investors give it serious consideration at the very least, and why it is a favorite topic of internet marketers who claim to have ” just discovered a hidden secret that will make you millions”. Sadly many new investors take the bait, only to discover that the “great new thing” is just something old and re-tooled, or just BS. I am a licensed real estate

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