Hi, I’m David Witte

I’m guessing that the reason you came to this page is that you want to know more about me.
I always find it hard to write about myself, but here goes……

I’ve had a love affair with real estate from childhood.
I grew up in a small town in central Florida. My early life was one of hard work in the fields, working orange groves and vegetables.
I learned the value of hard work but knew that I wanted more for my life.
I first became enamored with real estate when I met a couple that were real estate agents in our town.
They were such nice friendly people, with nice clothes and beautiful new cars.
I asked my dad about it, and he said that there would always be money in real estate, because the’re not making any more.

I made the decision that one day, when I grew up, I would somehow get into real estate.
I knew that I didn’t want to work daylight till dark like my dad, or work at a job the rest of my life, like everyone else I knew.
My chance finally came in the mid 80’s as a Century 21 agent with an ugly gold jacket.
I quickly learned that all was not as it seemed on the surface as a real estate agent. The long hours, competition and endless scrambling can get the best of you. New agents in small country towns starve on a regular basis.

After that I bounced in and out of real estate for years, finally landing in Sarasota. It was there that I discovered some of the great teachers of real estate investing. Guys like John Schaub, Pete Fortunato, Jack Miller, and others.

The secrets and tactics that I learned from them changed my course, and I realized that being an agent was just another job. I’ve realized that it was like being a jockey. You may win the race, but you don’t own the horse. You bust your butt, getting to the finish line first, but all you get is a paycheck and champagne poured on your head. The owners get to sit in the box, wearing a big hat and sipping a drink.
When you bring home the win, the pay you your percentage, and ride off into the sunset with their million dollar check.
Tomorrow they’ll still own a winner that makes money every month for stud fees, but you’ve got to go and find another ride, and another paycheck.
I found that being a wholesaler and flipper was much more to my liking and once I started, I never looked back.
I keep my brokers license to stay current on things and do deals with a select few people, and got my teaching license because I want to be able to pass things on to the next generation.
I’ve owned other businesses, but I always keep my eye on real estate investing.
I’ve been through several ups and downs and got a little over-exuberant in the early 2000’s like everyone else. So, I got my scars and learned my lessons the hard way. I went through lots of property and lots of money.
I’ve been able to nail down a proven system for success in real estate that is all you need to go from starting with nothing to putting the finishing touches on a tax-free retirement. There are several levels of entry to the system, so it will fit the situation you are in right now, whether your trying to start with no money or credit, trying to become a landlord and get some passive income, or moving on to 1031’s and Roth Ira’s.
I look forward to working with you and helping you to create the future that you deserve.